2019 April 30 Tuesday


2019 April 30 Tuesday in Georgetown, and Liberty Hill, Texas

71° and overcast to start the day. And reached 78° under dark threatening looking clouds. Also wind at 15 mph with 20 mph gusts. It was still 76° at 9 pm.

I awoke with a scratchy throaty this morning. It may be that I was snoring and breathing through my mouth overnight, which I normally no longer do. Or its possible that the Cowboy Rice and Beans, that I ate for supper, had onion in them. I have a severe allergy to onion. If my throat and lips begin tho swell. I’ll use the EpiPen to give myself an injection.

We had enough people at the senior center that we could play bingo.

A larger group for lunch today also.

I stopped at Home Depot for contractor grade trashbags, zip ties, Damp Rid, and dryer sheets. This are all things we need for getting our Texas home shut up for the summer.

Once we were home, I used the trashbags to waterproof somethings carried in the pickup bed. The Damp Rid goes in our closets to get rid of excess humidity. The zip ties will stabilize some shelves inn the shed, and the dryer sheets … well … Ella believers that spreading dryer sheets in, on, and astound everything will keep the mice out puff our trailer. I put out mouse bait.

I was not feeling very well, so, after finishing with the the items inn the truck, I took some Nyquil and lay down for a nap..


As usual, we attended the Tuesdaynight Prayer Meeting. We asked for prayers for our journey to Iowa, for our summer worship services, and fire my cold. Yes we have decided it is a cold not seen allergy attack. It is complete with an annoying dripping nose.

I just managed tho catch the last glow of the setting sun.

God bless and g’nite

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