2019 May 21 Tuesday


2019 May 21 Tuesday in Cutty’s, Grimes, Iowa

Feels like 39°! It’s the last full week of May, why is it so cold? Dang that global warming and you too Al Gore. Grin.

The wind kept rousing me from deep sleep overnight.

Day eight of feebooth work. I like to froze to death this morning at work. We have just a “milkhouse” style heater and it has trouble keeping up with the heat loss through two sets of glass patio doors, seven windows, and two entrance doors plus the complete lack of insulation. Brrrr.

This video doesn’t exist

As Pooh bear would say,

Rain makes everything look impressionistic.

More rain, more wind, and more unseasonably cold. I’m really not liking this weather.

The campers are staying away in droves. Memorial Day, 4th of July, and Labor Day are the three big camping weekends of the year. But with the weather as it is (and predicted to continue) this may be a very empty (by comparison)park this weekend.

Just doodling while at work with nothing else to do.

It was raining very hard when it was time for me to leave work. Ella really didn’t want to go out to the truck and come get me. That made me upset and I said that I’d just walk home then. I had walked less than half way when she showed up. The fact that she was still going on and on about how she got her shoes wet getting tho the truck, did nothing to ease my upset.

I realized that part of my problem was low blood sugar so I had her drive to Cutty’s cafe. I ordered a pizza for my lunch/supper and her supper (she had lunch at the senior center). All is once more well with the world.

God bless and g’nite

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