2019 November 18 Monday

rvngfulltimewithtomandella.com 2019 November 18 Monday in Liberty Hill, Texas esterday’s weather had gone into reruns this morning. I find I’m without anything blog-worthy to report. I went to work and I return home only stopping to add fuel to Rudolf the red nosed pickup. nce again, I drove into the setting sun, only to arriveContinue reading “2019 November 18 Monday”

2019 November 17 Sunday

rvngfulltimewithtomandella.com 2019 November 17 Sunday in Liberty Hill, Texas he sun rose bright but still through the smoky haze* caused by the fires to our south. astor John Saint’s sermon for today at Cross Tracks Church, “By Your Endurance” rom church we drove to Longhorns Steakhouse in Georgetown. Ella and I both had the flatironContinue reading “2019 November 17 Sunday”

2019 November 14 Thursday

rvngfulltimewithtomandella.com 2019 November 14 Thursday in Liberty Hill, Texas nother concrete colored sky today, complete with drizzle. ‘m trying to think of how to tell this tale and where to begin. Not at the beginning because that was too long ago and not too specific because … Well that’s private. So I’m starting this storyContinue reading “2019 November 14 Thursday”

2019 November 13 Wednesday

rvngfulltimewithtomandella.com 2019 November 13 Wednesday in Liberty Hill, Texas o sunshine in the east. It is so completely overcast that there are not any edges to the clouds. ust before we left home this morning the sun made an attempt to shine through. It still looks more like a cottonball caught in the top ofContinue reading “2019 November 13 Wednesday”

2019 November 11 Monday Veterans Day

rvngfulltimewithtomandella.com 2019 November 11 Monday – Veterans Day- in Liberty Hill, Texas t looked fine in the morning, but hang on to your hat (literally) ’cause the times they are a changin’. It reached the high of 69° early on and then started to tumble toward that predicted low. By the time I was offContinue reading “2019 November 11 Monday Veterans Day”

2019 November 10 Sunday

rvngfulltimewithtomandella.com 2019 November 10 Sunday in Liberty Hill, Texas little warmth for today before we take another dive beneath the freezing line. ood news though, we will not be remaining below freezing. It’ll just be a couple of nights. ore good news, the sun came out from under the clouds today. Hello, Sunshine, where’ve yaContinue reading “2019 November 10 Sunday”

2019 November 09 Saturday

rvngfulltimewithtomandella.com 2019 November 09 Saturday in Liberty Hill, Texas The view from my deck he sun, like a bride on her wedding day, is attempting to peek through a veil. Unfortunately, the truth behind the haze is less poetic. “Our skies will be hazy on Friday in Austin, due to smoke from agricultural fires burningContinue reading “2019 November 09 Saturday”

2019 November 08 Friday

rvngfulltimewithtomandella.com 2019 November 08 Friday in Liberty Hill, Texas t appears that the sky has gone into reruns or instant replay. Maybe God got a special deal on grey sky paint. Dark and dreary isn’t my favorite color scheme. raffic was backed up on 332 loop and hiway 29 this morning. It took half anContinue reading “2019 November 08 Friday”

2019 November 07 Thursday

rvngfulltimewithtomandella.com 2019 November 07 Thursday in Liberty Hill, Texas t had been raining for several hours by the time I got out of bed for the last time. ook how bright and festive the tables at Over the Hill Gang were this morning. Table clothes and small vases with flowers in Fall colors must beContinue reading “2019 November 07 Thursday”