2019 July 09 Tuesday


2019 July 09 Tuesday in Cutty’s, Grimes, Iowa

69° overnight and mostly cloudy. No sunrise photo this morning because I slept in. I work the late shift today. I woke up tired and stayed tired.

We had a breakfast pizza at the cafe this morning. Not as big of a crowd today.

Came home after breakfast and slept until 1 pm.

Got to work about 1:45 and worked until 9. Finally a normal day at the fee booth.

God bless and g’nite

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day 36/64


2019 July 08 Monday


2019 July 08 Monday in Cutty’s, Grimes, Iowa

68° overnight and hazy in the morning.

Today was a work day and it is beginning to wind down to a more normal craziness. I opened today and tomorrow I work the late shift. All of those people who had thought ahead about not moving sites until the mass exodus on Sunday, after Saturday night’s firework display, hadn’t counted on so many other people thinking the same thing. So today was very busy in the fee booth with peopleshifting to new areas of the park.

God bless and g’nite

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day 35/63

2019 July 07 Sunday


2019 July 07 Sunday in Cutty’s, Grimes, Iowa

65° overnight and 70° at day break. Sky mostly clear. 2019 July 07 Sunday

We had a small and mighty crowd for our worship service. We Read scriptures, sang hymns, had (I hope) an insightful message, and commune at the Lord’s table. At times I become discouraged at the small turnouts for worship. However, at the end of each season when I calculate how many different people have been served during the course of the camping season, it has always added to be 100 or more. That is the nature our of campground service, not many at a time but it adds up.

For lunch we went to Arbys for some good roast beef sandwiches and some horrible curlyfries. I feel bad for the potatoes who gave of their lives to make those horrible things.

Several times throughout The day we played games against each other. Sometimes Ella won and sometimes I did. The winner only matters until the start of the next game.

After The last few days of work, it was nice to have a Sabbath.

God bless and g’nite

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day 62

2019 July 06 Saturday


2019 July 06 Saturday in Cutty’s, Grimes, Iowa

“And the morning breaks eternal bright and clear.” Not!

Communal breakfast at the clubhouse this morning.

Followed by a trip to Union Park UMC to retrieve this week’s bulletins.

What day it’s complete without another trip to Wal-Mart? Ella had prescriptions ready for pickup, which was the stared reason for going. But it seems impossible to not do some impulse purchases before leaving the store. I’m not sure what wizardry was at play there.

Manning the fee booth is normally a solitary job. Today it was “all hands on deck.”

I would estimate an extra 1,000 or so cars and an extra 2,000 guests in the resort today. It takes a lot of hard work and organization for things to go as smoothly as it did today. I was very glad when the time came too lock up and go home. The volunteer parking attendants would be working until the last guest head exited the park. With the fireworks over at 10:30, out would probably be close to 11:30 before some of the workers were back to their campsites.

God bless and g’nite

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day 35/61

2019 July 05 Friday


2019 July 05 Friday in Cutty’s, Grimes, Iowa

70° and cloudy.

Work was nuts today. And tomorrow promises to be even crazier.

And to quote Forrest Gump, “And that’s all I got to say about that!”

God bless and g’nitem

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day 34/60

2019 July 04 Thursday


2019 July 04 Thursday Independence Day in Des Moines, Cutty’s, Grimes, Iowa

Some Red, White, and Blue inn this morning’s sky.

I didn’t sleep well. I had some stomach issues that kept me moving until 2:30 when I was finally able to lay still long enough to go to sleep.

Bacon, eggs, and toast for breakfast before going to the cafe fore coffee with friends.

Some toadstools popped up this morning in the ultra shady spot next to the patio.

Cookout at John and Dawn’s in the late afternoon/early evening.

God bless and g’nitem

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day 59

2019 July 03 Wednesday


2019 July 03 Wednesday in Cutty’s, Grimes, Iowa



About 4:30 in the afternoon the clouds stopped threatening us with rain. Instead it came through with gale force winds and driving rain that moved like curtains all astound us. It dropped from 88° to 78 ° in 10-15 minutes. It continued to cool off until it reached 70°.

Our Village Inn and one in Ankeny closer their doors forever this week. But that couldn’t keep the gang from congregating around pies. There is one vi left in West Des Moines. It happens to be where I proposed to Ella. I’m such a romantic!

Shortly after we arrived the storm passed through.


I was truly surprised to find this much reason in the gauge. I knew it rained hard but it was such a short lived storm that I didn’t expect an inch I the gauge.

After the rain there are still some low hanging clouds

God bless and g’nite

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day 58

2019 July 02 Tuesday


2019 July 02 Tuesday in Cutty’s, Grimes, Iowa

I don’t think that the sun had enough strength to throw off her quilt of clouds and get out of bed today. Let’s just let her sleep in … she has been working extra hard lately.

There is a very drained sun in the sky today. Around eleven she opened one bleary eye, stared blankly around, and then want back to sleep.

May and June are gone to whereever abandoned months go when they are off duty. Maybe they just sit around in a daze.

We have only tasted a tiny bit out July, and so far, I don’t like the flavor. It’s a little too well done for my taste.

Maybe, I’m just feeling too rushed and over worked because of the madness surroundings the Independence Day festivities.

I get tomorrow and Thursday off. I should be glad that I don’t work I the fourth. But truely the fourth will not be our busy day this year. Saturday the 6th is when 99% our Cutty’s activities will be held … including the fireworks. All of the fee booth employees and some volunteers will be working that day (and night).

Spaghetti and rain drops this afternoon. Shortly after returning home from work around 3, I browned some ground beef and startedsome spaghetti sauce simmering. I let it slow cook until 5 when I started some angel hair pasta.

The local Subway sandwich shop donates unsold bread tho the Grimes senior center. Ella brought home several loaves today. We had the Italian herb acc cheese bread with our spaghetti.

While we were eating there was a loud boom … sonic boom loud … clap of thunder, the wind came through like the devil was chasing it … but our was only the rain. The rain hit the RV roof hard and steady that sounded like we were under attack.

The storm hurried on its way like the white rabbit in Alice’s adventurer. Perhaps it too was late for a very important date. Whereever the rain went it drug the heat of the day after it. The outside temperate dropped 20 degrees in the blink of an eye..

God bless and g’nite

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day 33/57

2019 July 01 Monday


2019 July 01 Monday in Cutty’s, Grimes, Iowa

Today started at 71° and reached 91 that felt like 98°.

Mostly cloudy but still too bright to stare at the sun directly. However, through a lace curtain of leaves, it it’s viewable.

I worked 8-2:30 today. Jim arrived at 11. We had very little traffic. Which isn’t surprising when you consider the few number of sites we have remaining. We kept busy making special passes forthe campers who will be here on the 6th. That Saturday is when the bulk of our Independence Day celebrations are. That includes the fireworks display. Last year we had over one thousand guests in the resort park the day of fireworks. To had some semblance of control and safety, guests and non-camping members will be required to park just inside the entrance gate. Only registered campers will beallowed tho drive into the park.

{Ella wrote} We picked up Great Grandpa after work. Time for ice cream.

We treated great grandson William and ourselves to some ice cream after i left work.

The setting sun continued to pump out heat into the nearly cloudless sky.


God bless and g’nite

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day 31/56

2019 June 30 Sunday

2019 June 30 Sunday in Cutty’s, Grimes, Iowa

It was still hot and muggy at midnight.

It barely dropped below 80° overnight and the sun rose white hot this morning. The humidity is at 85% so that is a tiny amount of relief.

91° in the shade slightly after 11 pm.

Coffee at the cafe, with the usual group, before setting up for worship at the adult center.

Though our service was small in numbers, we had great fellowship and joined together in worshipping our Lord. I felt good about the message and our small “choir” sounded pretty good.

Hotdogs on a hot day. We came home from worship and stayed home. We read, played games, watched YouTube and Netflix, napped, and basically chilled … well maybe chilled isn’t quite the proper term to use today

The air conditioner put up a good fight. However, the blazing sun forced its way through the meager insulation in our RV anyway. It was upper 70s to lower 80s inside when my thermometer said it was 97° outside.

10 pm at Cutty’s in Grimes, Iowa It is 81° and feels like 84


It is 77° that feel like 77 in our Texas home. Go figure!

God bless and g’nite

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day 55

Portrait in Sleep apnea and insomnia.