2013 February 02 Saturday Cancer and Car Trip

Since it is Saturday, I read the RV Travel Newsletter on my Razr Maxx before I even got up to start the coffee.  The newsletter is something that I look forward to each Saturday.  I also subscribe to the Daily Tips newsletter that they publish Monday through Friday.  I nearly always find something that I can use … and nearly always find something else that I say to myself, “Tom, (I’m very polite to myself) that is just common sense … everybody knows how to do that!” To which I reply, “Tom, just because you are a genius, doesn’t mean that everyone else is also.”  (Yeah, sometimes I flatter myself also.)

To which newsletters to you subscribe?

At the Men’s Coffee this morning, Cal informed the group that Carol, his wife, went to the doctor’s yesterday and found out that she has cancer.  The doctor is a G.P. so he’s setting her up with a specialist to determine exactly what it is.  They think it is ovarian or colon.  We are of an age that nearly everyone in the group has experienced cancer in their own bodies or the spouses.  Ella, my wife, has had a lumpectomy to remove a cancer the size of a grain of salt.  We thank God that she had the mammogram and that the tech could see it while it was that small.  Even with the advances in medicines and treatments it is still scary when the “C” word is mentioned.

When we bought groceries last, we picked up a cantaloupe and some strawberries.  The cantaloupe smelled ripe.  However, when I cut into it we found out that it was far from ripe.  The strawberries we not very sweet and were beginning to spoil.  What to do?  What to do?  I cut them into chunks and added some honey.  hey turned out pretty good.  And I’m betting that the left over’s will be even better because they will marinate in that honey.

Before we left Shady Oaks, Ella activated an app on her Droid Razr Maxx.  The app is called Jogger Tracker and it does just what it sounds like.  You turn it on at the beginning of your run/jog/hike/drive and it tracks you on a map as well as keeping track of the time and distance traveled.  Today we drove 115.95 miles in four hours and twenty one minutes.

Ella fixed some tuna sandwiches to go with the mixed fruit.  It was a very good and colorful lunch. After lunch we went for another drive.  We wanted to go explore the Liberty Hill area.  This is the nearest town to the Rio Bonito Cabin Resort RV Park that we hope to be in next year when we come back down to Texas from Iowa.

The last time we were through Liberty Hill is when the fog was so thick that I nearly had an accident.


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