2017 June 11 Sunday

2017 June 11 Sunday.

We had a communal breakfast at the Clubhouse this morning. All you can eat: scrambled eggs, hashbrowns, toast, juice, milk, and coffee. Plus for an additional dollar a quarter pound breakfast sausage. Tom had two sausage but skipped the hashbrowns and went easy on the eggs.

Following breakfast we held a Worship Service at the Adult Center. Tom’s topic “In Every Ending there is a Beginning.”

After our worship service, we went to our nephew, (actually Tom’s great-great nephew) Demitri’s graduation party. Most of the family sat outside on the deck. Thankfully, it was shaded because the temperatures were in the mid 90s. It was nice to get together with more family.

Coming back to the Excel, the air conditioning, and the recliners was the perfect way to spend the remainder of our Day of Rest.

Between the nieces who just stopped by this week, the wedding, and the graduation party, it has been sort of a fragmented family reunion. Tom is now the “Patriarch” of the Williams Family. That is a sobering thought. We got to see some of his great-great-great nieces and nephews this weekend. It also reminded me of those loved ones who are no longer with us.

We ended the day with a dish of ice cream and an interesting sunset.


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