2017 July part 2

Photo: Monday morning (17th) while I (Tom) was working the Fee Booth, the club receptionist called to say that there was a message on the voice mailbox for me. On Friday (after business hours) Mark from Methodist Hospital had called and said that a patient requested a visit from me. That and the phone number was all that was said. I immediately called and went to Mark’s voice mail. I left my name, the reason I was calling and my personal phone number. I tried several times during the day but always went straight to the mail. I was very curious as to who from Methodist Hospital was trying to reach me.

Tuesday morning I was once more at work in the Fee Booth and during a lull in activity, I called the number again. It was picked up by Mark (that I discovered was the hospital chaplain) and he explained that one of my church members had been admitted to the hospital. You need to understand that every Sunday from Memorial Day to Labor Day I preach at Cutty’s Resort. When he told me for whom he was calling, I thanked him and let him know that this person had been moved to hospice. After my shift was over, Ella and I went to visit with Marion and his wife at the hospice. He was very weak and tired so we didn’t stay long. We held hands and prayed together and then gave Jan a hug and let them know that if there was anything we could do to help, we would.

Wednesday was my day off and I had plans to finish unloading the Hitchhiker and get the Sierra and Excel ready to be moved. However with the actual temperature around 98 and the “feels like” temperature at 110, we didn’t accomplish as much as I’d hoped. I did

6:00 p.m. after we’d finished for the day it “cooled down” to only 103.

manage to get everything (that I can by myself) out of the Hitchhiker. We also made a lot of progress in getting things sorted into categories: keep in Sierra, keep in Excel, donate to church rummage sale, and throw away. We stowed a lot away in the Sierra, carried things to the Excel (not put away) and some things in the pickup to go to church. And we also took some time to go to Village Inn with friends for Pie Rush Wednesday.


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