2017 JULY part 3

Grimes Senior Center

Thursday 20th  We had a white elephant gift exchange at Grimes Senior Center today. Ella got an Easter egg themed candle holder and I got a bottle of foot spray with most of the information in some Aramaic language.In the evening John, Brandon, and Nathan came out and moved the hide-a-bed from the Hitchhiker to the Sierra. Then manually pushed the slideout out so that we could empty the food stuffs and cleaning supplies that were stored in a cupboard that had been inaccessible with the slideout in. Once that was done, they pushed it back in so that it could be moved back into storage.


Friday 21st Tom worked at the fee booth from 8 to 3:30. We called Jim (the man who had expressed interest in buying the Hitchhiker) and told him that it was empty and available. He said he needed to check with his partner. In the evening we played card jackpot. Tom won one and a half nickel jackpots. (Split one because there were two winners)

Saturday 22nd was an unusual day for us. Cutty’s theme for the weekend was Christmas in July. Santa Tom wore the red suit and sat with kids while their family took photos. I was amazed at how many said they wanted Hatchimal for Christmas. I thought that FB_IMG_1500740584069-1.jpgFB_IMG_1500739214266-1.jpgphase was past. Also had requests for fidget spinners which didn’t surprise me because that seems to be the current craze in toys. Santa had one little toddler (not yet talking) who came coming back to just sit on my lap for a while. Then he would get down and run around and then come back to be picked up again. Santa also got lots of hugs. In the evening Santa changed into red jogging pants and a Hawaiian print shirt to ride around the campground with three loads of kids and adults on the hay rack while we sang a few Christmas songs. The same toddler who had sat on my lap in the morning rode most of one trip sitting on my lap again. Santa has a real fan in that one.

Sunday 23rd Tom preached a Christmas themed sermon and then worked at the fee booth from 2-9. Ella spent a good part of her day sorting through more “stuff”. When Tom came home she had things boxed to move from the Excel to the Sierra, and several bags of things to take for the church rummage sale. Ella and Tom may not have lost weight this summer, but the RVs sure have. It is still hard to believe that we had accumulated so much extraneous stuff.




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