2017 July part 4

25th Tuesday  Tom worked 8-2:30.  After work we went to Walmart for

groceries. Afterwards we went to shopping for a garden shed. The rules at Cutty’s Resort state that all sheds on Seasonal Sites must be no larger than 7’x7’, be resin (plastic), and removable. Home Depot and Lowes didn’t have much selection. We found a 4’x6 shed at Menards for around $300.


26th  Wednesday  The day started with coffee with friends at Cutty’s Café.  In the midst of discussing and solving all the world’s problems, we made plans to meet at Village Inn for “Pie Rush Wednesday” at 3:00. We played Fast Track and ate lunch at the Grimes Senior Center.  After lunch we went back to Menards and bought the shed. In hindsight, I wish we’d paid a little more and gotten a better quality shed.  We had a few more items to purchase at Walmart. Ella bought a watch on which she can actually read the time. What a concept!

With the Hitchhiker finally completely empty, we had it moved into storage.

In the evening we played Train Dominoes at Cutty’s


27th  Thursday coffee at the Café and more games and lunch at the senior center. Then Tom worked 2-9. While Tom was at work, Cutty’s staff moved the Excel to storage and the Sierra onto our Seasonal Site. Ella was unable to get the 3 slides out. When Tom got home, he couldn’t get them out either.

28th  Friday Tom went out early (still dark) in the morning and pulled the pickup close enough to the Sierra’s batteries to give them a “jump”. With that assist, they were strong enough to get the slideouts out.

We went for coffee as usual but also ordered breakfast at the café.

While Ella worked on organizing in the trailer, Tom worked an odd shift from11-7.

After Tom was off work, we went to Cutty’s Adult Center to play Card Jackpot. We arrived shortly after they had played the first round. Normally there are 4 to a table. When we got there all the tables were full so we started a new table with just the two of us. There was so much “table talk” going on that the Caller was repeatedly asked to repeat what they had said. Several people asked to keep the talk down so that they could hear what cards were being called. After two rounds, Tom gave up and went to the café. Ella followed. We ordered a pizza. When we finished eating we saw that the Card Jackpot had finished. Several people were still complaining about the noise. However, we were the only ones who gave up and left.

29th  Saturday  There was a Block Party in our area and we had planned to attend. However, a friend’s grandson, who had been born premature, died after 17 days. Tom was asked to read the scripture verses at the funeral on Saturday.

We created a screen between our “yard” and the neighbor’s RV.  We hope to plant some climbing plants here next spring

30th  Sunday Tom preached in the morning. His title was “I Can Not be Severely Shaken” which was taken from Psalm 62. We took the truck to the car wash to remove the bird droppings. As they begin migrating, the birds stop at the trees in the campground and leave unwelcome “calling cards” on vehicles, RVs, patios and furniture. For lunch we stopped at Subway. Then Tom worked at the fee booth from  2-9.

31st  Monday would have been Tom’s mother’s 110th birthday if she hadn’t died in 1994. We did our normal routine of coffee, games and lunch. We also took more items to Union Park United Methodist for the rummage sale.



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