2017 August part 3

Wednesday 23rd  56 degrees to start the day at 0824171922_HDR.jpg5:30. Tom went out in the very early light and put the awning up as well as the umbrella  over the patio table. We had breakfast at home: pancakes, bacon, and eggs.

By the way, if you’d like to keep up on Tom’s sermons, you can do that by following this link http://thomasewilliams.blogspot.com/

After breakfast we went to Cutty’s Cafe for coffee with friends. We get together most mornings to check the obituaries and read the educational section of the paper (the comics). We discuss all the weighty issues of the day and solve most of the world’s problems before going out to create new ones. We share the latest gossip and maybe start some new ones. This season we have tried to solve the puzzle of what is going to be built in the land next to the resort. When they started working on it in the spring, it was an 80 acre bean field on slightly rolling land that had a stream at the south end. It pretty much mirrored the land that Cutty’s Resort is on (minus the 11 acre lake). Thanks to dozens of earth moving machines working 6-7 days a week, it is now nearly flat with a large holding pond at the south end. Rumors say that there will be a gas station/convenience store, strip mall, and warehouses. I’m trying to convince people (erroneously) that it will be an airport.

Before going to the Grimes Senior Center f or games and lunch, we stopped at Wallyworld to pick up an ice pack for Tom’s knee. Our living space is about the size of an efficiency apartment. You’d think it would be too small to lose things in. You’d be wrong. The other day, Tom had been sitting with his legs up and the ice pack on his knee. He took a nap. While napping, the ice pack fell to the floor. Ella picked it up and put it … somewhere. A somewhere that has eluded all of our searches so far. So we purchased a new one. We also picked up some S-hooks and cup hooks for a project that Tom had in mind.

Look at the warning label on the ice pack made me chuckle. “For external use only.” Really? That had to put that warning on the ice pack. Have people tried to ingest these things, or in some other fashion (that I don’t want to think about) use them internally?
Old position of the hanging flowers
New place for the hanging flowers

After lunch at the center, we hurried to Village Inn for Pie Rush Wednesday with our friends (Sue, Jean, Sandy, and Francis). We didn’t stay long because Tom had to be at work at 2. When we got home Tom took a few minutes to move our hanging flowers to a new location.

It was a very slow evening at the fee booth. Very few new campers came in to register. Tom only had one rental unit to check in and no Coast to Coast guests.

Ella did some vacuuming, dishes and other household choirs before going to the Adult Center to play Train Dominoes with friends. They played from 7 to around 10.

Thursday 24th


Tom checked his blood INR and glucose this morning and was pleasantly surprised that both were well in the “good” range. Surprised because he had been without his diabetes meds for a few days.

We went to the Cutty’s Cafe for breakfast. Ella had a breakfast burrito and Tom had a biscuit with sausage, egg, and cheese. We spent a little over an hour visiting with our friends there.  Then we moved on to the Grimes Senior Center for games and played games until lunch.

After lunch we made a trip to Costco to purchase some healthcare items. From there we stopped at Target to look for some household items that we couldn’t find. Ella did purchase a Baby Shower card for one of our great nieces. The shower is on Saturday.

From Target we went around the corner to Home Depot to purchase some lumber and to2017-08-24_15.57.21.jpg have a couple of keys made. We didn’t get all of the lumber that we wanted because the section we want to go to was blocked off while they moved some items with the forklift. Tom’s knee was bothering him by this time so we decided to forgo the rest of the lumber for this trip.

When we arrived home, Tom put his feet up and an ice pack on his knee.

After the pain subsided, Tom went out an unloaded the lumber from the  pickup.

Friday 25th Tom worked the fee booth from 8 to 3:30. It was very slow until 3 o’clock when 3 campers showed up at the same time. And that is the time when the afternoon shift comes in so we were in the middle of closing out the drawer for Tom and getting Dora logged on.

While Tom worked, Ella played at the Senior Center. She, being the smarter of the two of us, is fully retired whereas Tom works seasonal part time work for minimum wage. Grin.

As soon as Tom was off work we went to Strauss Lock to have two keys made. The two that we got from Home Depot didn’t work. Honestly, I couldn’t see the difference between the original and the copies … but the lock knew the difference. Hopefully, the new keys will work (haven’t tried them yet). We returned the keys to Home Depot for a refund.

In the evening we played Card Jackpot at Cutty’s Adult Center. After which we went to the cafe for ice cream.

Now this is just for fun:

“I don’t know … it happened so fast … we were all standing in the yard when this pine tree fell over and took out most of my family. Oh the horror of it all!




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