2017 August part 4

Saturday 26th 62º at 7 a.m. and overc2017-08-26_06.56.22.jpgast. The sun tried very hard to shine through. Tom did not work at the fee booth today. Ella went to the great niece’s baby shower.

While Ella was at the shower, Tom picked up some more items for his project of supporting our slide out rooms. This is an effort to avoid the problems that we have had with the floors separating from the walls. While he was out, he purchased some veggies and stew meat. He made the stew and separated it into two batches; froze one and refrigerated the other.

Sunday the 27th was our next to last worship service for the season at Cutty’s. It was titled “You Want to do Good? Here’s Your Checklist!” and is taken from Hebrews 13:1-8, 15-16. If you’d like to read it, follow this link http://thomasewilliams.blogspot.com/2017/08/you-want-to-do-good-heres-your-checklist.html .

We came home to the smell of the crock-pot full of stew. yummy!


Monday 28th After breakfast we went to Cutty’s Cafe only to find none of our friends were there. We sat and had coffee for a while and then Dixie came in so we visitted with her for a little bit before going to the senior center.

A few days ago I had asked John if I could borrow his Sawsall for my slide out project. In the afternoon Dawn called to say that she had the saw with her and was going to stop at Pet Smart in West Des Moines. We drove over there and picked up the saw.

On our way back home we stopped at Walmart to purchase a cutlery drawer divider 2017-08-30_06.29.31.jpgto install as a spice rack. Tom had done this before with a previous RV and it works very well in the small space beside the stove.

When we arrived home Tom did some work outside installing Photo: additional support for the awning rafters. He also placed L.E.D lights on the RV under the awning. Unfortunately, after they were up, they wouldn’t work. We haven’t figured out why they don’t work.

It was a nice evening to sit outside. So we did. And played more Fast Track until it started getting dark

Tuesday 29th As usual, we went to the Cutty’s Cafe for coffee. And again none of our friends were there. As we sat there having coffee, one other person came in. Hate is a Cutty’s member that Tom has checked in and out at the fee booth. We invited him to sit with us while he ate his breakfast. He had his dog leashed to his golf cart and wanted to sit so that he could keep an eye on him. The dog is a pit-bull rottweiler mix with an interesting brindle coat. John said that his face looks like a dry cake mix. It’s a funny way to describe it but not inaccurate.


We stopped at the post office, hoping to find Tom’s medications from the VA. They hadn’t arrived.  We were concerned that they may have been shipped to our Texas address and not forwarded. So we called the post office in Texas and were reassured that if they were shipped there, they would be forwarded along with any other mail.

Tom worked an uneventful afternoon/evening shift at the fee booth. Ella played dominoes at the Adult Center in the evening.

Wednesday 30th   Tom woke around 4 a.m. and could not get back to sleep so he eventually gave up, got up, and started breakfast. Then, as soon as it was light enough, went outside to do some work on the patio. After Ella was up and around we began our normal routine of Cutty’s Cafe and Grimes Senior Center.

We stopped on our way home from the center for gasoline and a car wash. The months of construction to the property on our east border has made it hard to keep the truck clean because of all the dust in the air.

Shortly after we arrived home Kara arrived. A short time Krista got here. We sat on the2017-08-30_19.46.29.jpg patio, talked, and played Fast Track. This was the first time Krista had played the game. Since there were and even number of us, we played partners which is always fun. We had just finished the game when Karla arrived. We showed her the game and then played another game without partners … every man person for themselves.

We had a lunch of BBQ chicken and several salads then all of us went to Village Inn for Pie Rush Wednesday. We met up with Tom, Sue, Sandy, Francis, Keith, and Jean at Village Inn. Introductions were made and then we got down to the serious business of eating pie.

After pie, we all went out separate ways. It was nice to have time with our nieces.

It was dominoes night at Cutty’s and Ella went to play. Tom stayed home with an ice pack on his knee. It will be great when he gets to the orthopedic doctor and gets some relief from the pain.

Thursday 31st Tom worked 8-2:30 while Ella did our normal routine. On  the way home from the center, Ella stopped at the post office and got the mail. Tom’s meds from the VA arrived as did his test strips for checking his INR readings.

After work, Tom began his project of shoring up the slide-out rooms on the Sierra. This required crawling around on the ground under the RV which is exactly what his knee does NOT need. However, we are running out of time to get this project done. We will be gone to Colorado for about a week in mid September and then leave for Texas at the end of the month.

We had meatloaf at the Cutty’s Cafe for supper. It is very good meatloaf … almost as good as Tom’s.


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