2017 October 14-16

Saturday 14 We drove in to Cedar Park/Leander to watch Sofia play volleyball. Her team won the first of three games. The other team had girls that were quite a bit older, bigger, and stronger. Very little about what they play could be called “volleyball”. Mostly, if one team finally manages to serve a ball that goes over the net, no one touches it. If they do manage to hit it, it goes out of bounds. I guess this game is teaching them some ‘life skills”.

I mailed out 4 birthday cards when I picked up the mail at the post office. We then came home and fixed some lunch. There was time for a nap before going to Tate’s flag football game in Round Rock at 4:30.

My ex and her husband just recently moved to Lampasas Texas. This means that they will be able to attend more of the grandkids events … like Tate’s game. It was 89 degrees and partially cloudy. The humidity was very low and there was a slight breeze which actually felt cool. Becky, my ex, was commenting that she was confused about what season it was. “It’s supposed to be fall.” Well, do you know what fall means in Texas? That’s right. Nothing.

Tate’s game was exciting. Both teams played well … unfortunately, the other team played better. Tate made a touchdown that didn’t count because there was a flag for offsides. He also made an interception and gained a lot of yardage.

Cross Tracks church was playing “The Shack” in the evening and serving hotdogs, popcorn, and other snacks starting at 6:00 before the movie at 7:00. I had never read the book nor previously seen the film. I had no idea what to expect. With no expectation going into it, I was impressed. I won’t give much away about it for those who, like me, never read nor saw it before. However, I will say that I was surprised by the unusual turn the story takes and the outcome. Count this as a recommendation.

Sunday 15 Breakfast was at church before Worship service. Cross Tracks puts out s large breakfast bar before worship. There are donuts and sweet treats, fruit (I really like the strawberries), homemade sausage and biscuits, and breakfast tacos. Now if that is not a “welcoming church” then I don’t know what is. Oh, by the way, the people are great also. (I didn’t want you to think I only go for the food.)

Ella and I sang in the choir for the first service, which it the more traditional service. Pastor Steve’s sermon title was “9 Apples.” It was a sermon about giving/tithing. The visual aids were good as were the projected images. However, though it examined what usually happens with people’s budgets and their giving, I don’t feel that it made the impact of WHY to donate or tithe to the church. My feeling and understanding is that donating is a way that God allows us to be of service to others and also to be in partnership with God. For in truth God doesn’t need our money but does require our service. He is more than Savior. He is Lord. (here ends the mini-sermon)

The F.R.O.G. (forever relying on God) class has bee stnudying an Adam Hamilton book “Moses, the reluctant prophet”. They are about halfway through the book. So, Ella and I have some catching up to do. I have read and enjoyed many of Hamilton’s books. He is good at enlightening his readers without using a lot of “churchy” words. And when he does use those words, he explains their meaning in plain English.

On the way home from church I asked Ella, “Nap or lunch first?” Her response was a resounding “Nap.” So, our lunch became both lunch and supper (lupper). The rest of the day was spent reading and playing games until returning to the church for Pastor Steve’s study on the New Testament. Once again the group was already in progress when we arrived back in Texas. So there is catching up to do there also. They are halfway through the book of Acts. I have downloaded the study manual on my Kindle app and sent screen shots of the pages to Ella. That way we can at least jump in where they already are.

Monday 16 Began with a sneeze and a runny nose. Somewhere before 4;30 I was forced out of bed by the need to blow my nose. I’m the kind of person who, once I’m awake, I’m awake. Extremely seldom do I ever try to go back to sleep. Unable to sleep, I got up and worked on a sermon idea.

The alarm went off at 6:30 and we ate and got ready to go into Cedar Park. This was the day that I visited my wonderful VA doctor. (Seriously) Doctor Bassari is a wonderful doctor who actually acts like she enjoys see us. She looked at the results of my blood work and told me it was beyond good … it was wonderful. We set another appointment for six months out (just before we head to Iowa).

It was a little before nine when we arrived at the Leander Senior Center. Again, there were very few people there. Ella pointed out an obvious possibility for the smaller attendance, last year they changed the road in front of the center and took away quite a few parking spaces. Makes sense to me. We are old and most can’t or don’t like to walk very far. Another thing that has changed is the chef at the center. Debbie has had surgery on her feet/legs and not returned to work. The person that is filling in for is competent but does not embellish the food at all.

My nose was still dripping and the constant sneezing and blowing made it difficult to play games or eat. I was glad when lunch was over so that I could go home. I put cotton balls in my nose (yes I did) and dropped my recliner back and took a nap.

After supper, we played some games and watch tv until bed time.

*Grandies is a service organization that meets every Wednesday in the Church’s fellowship hall. The group is comprised of “old folks” who are (mostly) grandparents. Hence the name Grandies. We have a card ministry where we send birthday, anniversary, missing you, hope you get better, sorry for your loss, and other types of cards to church members and others. We also donate money and merchandise to the local schools for the care of the homeless children there. We support **Operation Liberty Hill by donation and service. We have a Sack Lunch program during the summer because some children rely on the school lunch program for what may be their only meal of the day. The Sack Lunch kicks in while school is in recess for the summer.

**Operation Liberty Hill is a Thrift Store and Food Pantry.

***Over The Hill Gang is a member suported senior center in Liberty Hill, Texas.


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