2018 January 10 Wednesday

2018 January 10 Wednesday

Yesterday when I told Ella that she didn’t have many clothes in the hamper, she seemed surprised. Now I know why. She had more clothes on the floor on her side of the bed and in the shower stall.

Being Wednesday it is Grandies day also. After Grandies was over I went across the tracks to Hobo Junction for lunch.

Then it was a trip home to pick up the clothes to take to the laundromat.

I did have time for a short nap between laundry and the choir party. Once a month we celebrate birthdays and anniversaries, that occurre that month, with a catered meal.

After the party, we had to sing for our supper. Most of the music that we will be singing in the near future are familiar hymns. However there is one has a very peculiar harmonic split in the middle that seemed to have most of the choir (especially me) confused. The Sopranos are the only one who continue to sing the melody. The Altos Tenors and bases are all split into first and second parts. Not only are we singing different parts we are singing different words part of the time. I would compare it to seeing around except instead of waiting for your part you’re actually overlapping the other parts. Perhaps after we get it to where we all understand what we’re doing it will sound better than it did last night.

When I arrived home I watched a little bit of television. Howie Mandel hosting a comedy show. After that I did some reading and then I went to bed a little bit early.


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