2018 January 11 & 12

2018 January 11 Thursday

Normally Ella and I would go to the Over the Hill Gang on Thursday. However, with Ella in Iowa, I decided to go to the Leander Senior center instead. I arrived about nine thirty and, other than the staff, was the only one there for the first half hour or so. Marvin arrived shortly followed by Gary. Gary had made a stop at the food pantry to pick up a box of baked goods. Soon others started arriving and we played Rummikub. I still don’t care for it … but if I wanted to play … this was the only game going. By lunch time there were eighteen people there. That’s the most I’ve seen there for quite awhile.

2018 January 12 Friday my day started with a trip to the dermatologist. 2018-01-13_11.29.19.jpgHe froze several spots on my back and ordered some creams for my ears and feet.

Then I went down the road to McDonald’s for breakfast. As I was eating, a little girl (3-4) came up to me and said, “Hi!” I looked at her mother and said, “Looks like I got recognized again.” It doesn’t matter that I’m dressed all in denim and wearing a cowboy hat. Kids still know Santa when they see him.

This is the last day at the senior center for a while. Saturday and Sunday they are normally closed. However they will also be closed on Monday for M.L. King day.


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