2018 January 13-15

2018 January 13 Saturday

Nothing to do and nowhere to go and no one to do it with. Ella is still in Iowa and staying with a grandson and his family.

I did some light housework then just goofed off until I got a text that one of my prescriptions was ready at Walmart. I was hoping that more of my meds would be ready also. Nope only one out of four. Two needed doctor’s approval and one was out of stock. I picked up a very few items while I was there and then went home to nap and watch TV.

2018 January 14 Sunday

It was worship and Sunday school in the morning as usual. Then home for lunch.

After lunch I took the truck into town to fill-up and run it through the car wash.

Then it was a quick stop at Verizon for a couple of power cords for our new Pixel phones.

It was a quick stop because I had to get to Tate’s flag football game.

It was a good game. However his team lost.

It was also Emery’s birthday. She had friends over for a party yesterday. Today, after the game, she got to choose where she wanted to go for lunch. She chose Asia Cafe. Meals there are several family style and some of the tables have Lazy Susan’s so that people can serve themselves.

2018 January 15 Monday Martin Luther King day

For some reason I woke up around three thirty and could not get back to sleep. I lay there until a little after four trying to convince myself that I was sleepy. All I managed to convince myself that I was hungry. So, I had breakfast very early.

Now that I was up and nothing in particular to do (and too dark), I moved some more things out of the living room. Ella may not recognize the place when she gets home.

Speaking of Ella, each time I’ve called her, she has been coughing and hacking (feel free to pray that she heals quickly).

Tomorrow is supposed to be when the weather tanks. However today the weather is pleasant so I decided to check out DXL (store for big and tall men). If been told that they have a store in this general area.

I got in the truck and told Google to navigate to DXL. It took me to the outlet mall in Georgetown. However when I got there and checked the mail map, there is no DXL. There is a big and tall men’s store. However they sell casual clothes. I’m looking for a very specific dress shirt.

It wasn’t a total waste if time. I’ve been carrying a $10 Starbucks gift card in my wallet for quite a while. I used it at their store in the food court. I used all but $.37

To purchase a turkey sandwich and cup of coffee. Wow!

Next stop on my agenda was the Georgetown Walmart. I had just arrived when I get a call from Heather. She and Austin were going to be passing through Liberty Hill in the early afternoon. I suggested meeting a Dahlia’s for coffee. I forgot that they are closed on Sunday and Monday. I called her back and suggested Hobo Junction.

It was nice to spend some time with them. I don’t get that chance very often.


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