2018 January 22-24

2018 January 22 Monday2018-01-23_07.33.04.jpg

Because Ella is still ill, we stayed home in the morning and did not go to the senior center for lunch. Ella had a dermatologist appointment in the afternoon

2018 January 23 Tuesday my birthday Ella had a doctor’s appointment at nine. She got a shot in the butt, a nebulizer treatment, and earwax removed. By the time we 

71 years young. This art program took my photo and made it look like a painting. It also accentuated my wrinkles. 

7were out of there it was almost eleven. We went to the senior center in time for lunch.



We picked up one of Ella’s prescriptions before heading home for a nap.

We went to Adam and Leigha’s for a spaghetti supper to celebrate my birthday.

On the way home we once again stopped at the pharmacy to pick up another prescription.


2018 January 24 Wednesday Ella said, “I think I’m beginning to feel better. I have more of a voice and don’t cough as much.  I’m on antibiotics, the Dr doesn’t like to take chances. Some might think I cough a lot now but it’s nothing like before.”

She was feeling well enough to go to Grandies in the morning but did not go to choir practice in the evening.


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