2018 January 20-21

2018 January 20 Saturday. It is still foggy this morning with a very welcome 51°.

I got up at 5:30 and started the coffee and then crawled back into bed. It was eight when i actually got up and started breakfast. Ella started in bed until much later.

We have nothing in our schedule for today so she was free to sleep as much as she wants or needs to.


I did have a small amount of laundry to do (Ella had washed all of her clothes prior to leaving Iowa) so I went to the laundromat while Ella napped.


2018 January 21 Sunday I went to worship and Sunday school while Ella remained home. She has no voice left. Between my hearing loss and her squeaky voice, we’re not communicating very well.

After lunch we both napped. My nap was about twenty minutes her’s was several hours. It seems that all she does is sleep. I was concerned that she was just going to spend all of her time in the bed or the recliner so I suggested going out for supper; which we did.


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