2018 January 28 Sunday

2018 January 28 Sunday

Yesterday’s 80% chance of rain amounted to .06”. that’s right six one-hundredth of and inch. We woke this morning to 41° and apparently a cloudless sky. (The sun hasn’t risen yet as I’m writing this.) Maybe I’ll get a sunrise photo today.

Yes I did get a photo this morning

(Insert passage of time) We have now returned from Worship and Sunday school. As always, we ate breakfast at church. Hmm, I just realized that I should have taken of photo of the great breakfast bar that greats people as they come in the front door of the church. Maybe next time. The theme of the sermon was about making amends for those times that we have wronged someone else, I have to admit that when I pray the Lord’s Prayer and get to the part about “forgive us …. As we have forgiven…”, I often pause to think of who I might not have forgiven. Now I will also have to think of those that I need to ASK for forgiveness. At the moment, I can’t think of anyone that I have INTENSIONALY wronged. I just hope that there isn’t anyone who FEELS wronged by me.

In Sunday school we are getting into the second chapter of Adam Hamilton’s book “Enough”. In the first chapter he makes a good point of how we (99.9%) of us are affected by the culture of consumerism. We are not getting to the what-can-we-do-about-it part of the book. It generated a lot of discussion in our group. I really look forward to more discussion next week.

As I mentioned, we ate breakfast at church. That breakfast was both larger and later that we eat at home. This has caused us to delay our noon meal (see how I avoided the lunch or is it dinner discussion?) until mid to late afternoon. I have a nice steak dry aging in the refrigerator. I’ve salted, peppered, and seasoned it so that the seasoning can be drawn into the meat as it ages. The steak will be grilled and served with cheesy potatoes, corn, peas, and garlic toast.

Just for the fun of it, I ran today’s photo through an art filter app and this is what I got.


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