2018 January 29 Monday

2018 January 29 Monday

I slept in this morning. I didn’t wake until around 7:30 which is quite late for me (and early for Ella). It was 41° outside and chilly inside. I got up, turned the furnace on, and returned to my nice warm bed.

While waiting for the trailer to warm I got caught up on posts on RVillage.com and Facebook.

On Facebook I found that Ella had posted this: “Well, it’s been a quiet weekend devoted to rest. We did go to Church and Sunday School this morning otherwise we stayed in napped and recovered.
I feel like the crud had gone bye bye. Now it’s time to tackle the basics. I’ll be making appointments tomorrow.”

And make appointment she did. She will be going to our local doctor (Liberty Hill) early tomorrow afternoon. Several of the kids have been telling her that she needs to be tested for allergies. New Doc 2018-01-29 (2)_1.jpgThey believe that her constant bouts of bronchitis must be triggered by something in the environment. She had a series of allergy skin tests done several years ago that didn’t show any allergies. This photo shows the type of test that she did years ago.

However, I’ve heard that your reaction and or resistance to allergies can change over time. So we’ll see what the doctor has to say.

Today turned out to be a beautiful spring-like day with brought sunshine an temperature in the low sixties.

Speaking of bright sunshine … the afternoon sun shines through our door (or window in the door) and directly on Ella’s recliner. I came up with a simple solution.


I mounted a roller shade above the door. Now we can have the door open to let these nice spring days inside and block the sun from shining in my brides eyes.

And while we are on the subject of DIY projects: I’d posted earlier about picking up a three pack of battery operated under the counter lights. They have a setting for off, on, or remote control. I found them so handy that I purchased more.  I’ve mounted one above our headboard for reading in bed. Yes there are factory installed ones there. However, they shine DOWN into our eyes rather than out from the wall. Another it’s now mounted in the bathroom/stool room. The factory installed light operates from the hallway and turns also turns on a light in the hallway and in the shower. In the middle of the night, I don’t want to turn on all of those lights and wake the wife (or have her wake me). As I’m writing this, I just realized where that third light is going to be mounted… the shower … for the … same reason as the bathroom. Occasionally, I am up and wanting to shower while Mrs. Williams is still snoring.

Okay, switching subjects. We did our normal Monday routine of playing games at the Leander Senior center and then have lunch. A quick stop at Walmart for the lights, roller shade brackets and a couple food items. We filled the truck with gas and ran it through the car wash.

And then home again to do the DIY projects that I’ve already told you about.

It looks to be a near freezing night so I’ll be turning the furnace on tonight. I’m glad I installed the heated water hose. Did I mention that in a previous post?heated water hose


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