2018 February 01-02

2018 February 01 Thursday

Welcome to February goodbye January. Have you heard the saying “the worst thing about January is that it is followed by February”?

over the hill gang
photo from the web

Thursday is our normal day to spend at the Over the Hill Gang (self funded senior center in Liberty Hill). We eat, visit, and play games with friends. Today they announced that the city wants to buy the building (which is actually owned by the county) and turn it into a parking lot for the downtown business. Many of the seniors are upset about this because they feel at home in this building. However, as I understand it, part of the purchase deal would be that the city would have to provide a suitable building (with a kitchen) for use by the Over the Hill Gang. Since Ella and I are not legal residence in Liberty Hill (or Texas) we don’t really have a voice in what the local government does or does not do.

2018-02-02_10.19.33.jpgWhen I went out to go home, I discovered that I have a broken mirror of the driver’s side of the truck. No noticeable damage to the truck … just the mirror.

Oh yes, the weather report … we climbed into the low seventies today with lots of sunshine. This has been the best day of the year. And looking at the ten day forecast, the best day for the next couple of weeks too.

2018 February 02 Friday What a warm night! 52° was the overnight low. There were rows of clouds in the sky in the morning that mostly disappeared by later in the day.

I started my day with a visit to the Orthopedic doctorPANO_20180202_090846.jpg for an injection of rooster comb  into my left knee.

this is NOT my knee just a stock photo.

 This was the first of 5 injections over the next 5 weeks.  There was nearly no pain involved. First he sprayed the knee with a numbing agent. Then I was injected with something to further deaden the pain. After that injection, the syring part of the needle was unscrewed and the needle left stick out of my knee. The rooster comb substance was then screwed onto the existing needle and injected. So, just one “stick”. All in all the most “pain” was from the original spray that began to sting a little just before he stopped spraying.

After leaving the doctors, we stopped for gas. At $2.29 a gallon it doesn’t take long, in our truck, to go over $50 in gas.

The next stop was the Leander Senior Center on Bagdad. Today we had spaghetti. Actually it was linguine noodles with spaghetti sauce. It was good but not as good as last time because it didn’t have as much meat in the sauce.

We stopped at the post office and picked up the package containing my new slide-out jacks. Screenshot_20180202-143851.png Since the fifth wheel sits here for seven months of the year with the slide out, And considering the trouble we had last year with the floor of the slide room giving way, jacks seemed like a good idea. However, they are mad to brace the rams instead of the floor. So, I will be purchasing a 2×4 or 4×4 and then using the jacks to hold that in place on the underside of the floor near the wall. The jacks were purchased through Amazon.

Speaking of Amazon, I also placed an order today for a replacement driver-side mirror Screenshot_20180201-153851.png for my truck. When we came out from Over the Hill Gang yesterday, I discovered that someone had broken the mirror. There was do damage to the side of the truck so I am assuming that someone drove too close to my truck and hit the mirror with their mirror. However, it is just a guess because no one came in an confessed to having done so. Before ordering a new mirror, I called around to salvage yards hoping to find one locally (and cheaper). However, to my surprise, these places wanted $40-50 for a used mirror and I’d have to go pick it up or pay the shipping. So when I found that I could get a new one for less and have free shipping (with my Prime membership), it seemed like a no-brainer to purchase through Amazon.



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