2018 February 07 Wednesday

2018 February 07 Wednesday


It got down to freezing last night and is only up to 34 degrees this morning as we’re getting ready to go to Grandies.

2018-02-07_08.04.47.jpgYou may remember that last Thursday I discovered that my driver’s side mirror had been broken. A new one is on order. In the meantime, I found a workaround. w

While I’m waiting for my new mirror to show up, I put my towing mirrors in place. Now at least I can see behind me.

There were about sixteen of us at Grandies today. Illness and cold weather kept a few folks away. We had treats and celebrated our one and only birthday for this month. There were four who stayed to play bridge and six to play Canasta.

Ella had yet another prescription to pick up at Walmart. While we were there, we ate at the in-store Burger King. I had forgotten how much I dislike their sandwiches. But that’s just my taste and  they seem to be doing well feeding others.

We did not go directly home from there but stopped at the post office. No mail. Then to the church to walk around in the multipurpose room. Ella walked but I stayed in the truck. I’m not recovered from my waking on Monday.

IMG_20180207_180717.jpgWe returned home for a nap before going back to church for the monthly choir party. The chicken enchiladas were wonderful. After eating our fill, we are expected to practice singing with diminished lung capacity. (grin)

We have started practicing the Hallelujah Chorus … again. We have done this several times over the last few years and it has been well received. However, everyone in the choir grumbles about singing it. It is beautiful to hear but confusing to sing. I should mention that only 2 people in the choir are/or were professional singers. And most of us don’t “really” read music. We also will begin practicing for the Christmas Cantata soon. I always practice it with the choir. However, the last few years I’ve not been there to sing it because of my schedule of being Santa.

Here is a shot of the sunset. And a close up from the same photo.



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