2018 February 08 Thursday

2018 February 08 Thursday

If reached 24° overnight and was 27° when I forced myself out of that nice warm bed to make coffee and pancakes.

Thursday is also the day that I check my INR*. It was much thinner than it has ever been. I retested it just to make sure that it wasn’t a false reading. Then I called in my report to the testing company and they will fax it to my doctor. So I’ll be expecting a doctor’s call today. I’m trying to think of what I’ve done different this week that could affect the test results. So far I’ve thought of the possibilities: the rooster comb injection last Friday, the medication I took for vertigo, and the Vicodin I took for pain Monday.

We left for the Over the Hill Gang about 10:30.

Today’s entree was meatloaf. We usually have a good turnout for meatloaf. And today was no exception, there were at least sixty there for lunch. *(From WebMD. INR stands for international normalized ratio. The INR provides some information about a person’s blood’s tendency to clot (which is often described as how “thin” or “thick” their blood is).


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