2018 February 09 Friday

2018 February 09 Friday


A little different start today. Yesterday started at 24° and might have made it to 60. Today is starting at 44 and headed for the mid 60s. It is overcast so I did not get a great sunrise photo. This was taken later when we were on the way to the doctor’s.2018-02-09_08.25.29.jpg

2018-02-09_08.08.54.jpgI had an appointment with the orthopedic doctor at 8:10 this morning for the second of five injections of rooster comb into my left knee. When I arrived, everything was laid out and waiting for me.  IMG_20180209_082142.jpgBoth of my knees have been hurting so much for so long. I really hope that this works. I have trouble getting out of a chair without something to pull or push off with my arms.


Yesterday I reported that my INR was high and I expected a call from the doctor. Well, I did. And as expected, once I told them if the medication changes last week, they advised me to not take my blood thinners last night. That was what I’d planned to do if they hadn’t called.


After the doctor’s we went to IHOP for breakfast. From there we went to the senior center to play Rummikub and Farkle.

The Leander UMC hosted a Valentine lunch today.



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