2018 January 30 Tuesday

2018 January 30 Tuesday

The usual Tuesday trip to the Senior center for games and lunch happened.

Ella had scheduled a doctor’s appointment for 1:40 today. When we arrived, I asked the scheduler for an appointment because I’ve had several dizzy spells this week. To my surprise, she piggybacked my appointment on to Ella’s. INSERT PHOTOS

Doctor says I’m not dizzy (which is a blood pressure or blood flow problem) I have vertigo which is an inner ear problem. I flashed back to scenes in Alfred Hitchcock’s movie of the same name. INSERT PHOTO

From the doctor’s we went to the pharmacy (around 10 miles) for our prescriptions.

It was after 3:30 when we headed home. To my surprise, we didn’t encounter any school busses. These narrow two lane, twisty, and hilly 60 mph roads are not good places to come upon a stopped bus. So this time of day, I am particularly vigilant.

What we did see (and smell) was a lot of smoke. INSERT PHOTO


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