2018 February 14 Wednesday

2018 February 14 Wednesday in Liberty Hill Texas

Happy Saint Valentine’s day and Blessed Ash Wednesday.

Another uniformly grey start of the day with 44° and 100% humidity. Predicted high of 69°.

After breakfast I put some rice in the InstaPot to pressure cooker and then keep warm. When we return from Grandies I’ll remove the rice and then saute some cubed chicken breast and then add stir fry veggies.

*passage of time ***

When you were a child in school did you decorate a valentine mailbox as a place for people to drop your Valentine’s? Well we Grandies are all past our sixtieth birthday but we did a valentine exchange complete with decorating mailboxes.

Okay … not so much boxes … as brown paper lunch sacks. But it was a fun morning. We had cake, cookies, crackers, and cheese.

When we returned home, I finished the chicken, rice, and stir fry veggies. I thought I had some orange marmalade that I was going to add to the mix. I was mistaken. However I did have some peach jam that I did add. It was really good … if I do say so myself.

We were back at church for choir practice. Ella doesn’t have her voice back but she likes synced along with the rest of us. Directly after practice we sang at the Ash Wednesday service.


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