2018 February 15 Thursday

2018 February 15 Thursday in Liberty Hill Texas

overnight low of 60° but woke to winds howling across the screens. No sunrise photo today as it was overcast with a high fog.

First thing on the agenda today (after making coffee of course) was to make a peach cobbler

to take to the Over the Hill Gang this morning.

Here is my loot from the Valentine exchange yesterday at Grandies.

Our church in Texas and our church in Iowa both have pastors who are retiring the year. This is the time of year that many denomination will be switching pastors. Some people find to be beneficial to hear a new voice in the pulpit while others feel abandoned as”their”pastor retires or is reassigned.

Ella posted this reminder: For all that are changing pastors this year, here is a little reminder of who or what the church is. May we all pray for, and support both the retiring pastors and their families but also the incoming pastors and families. These leaders and their families needed our, the Church’s, support. It is difficult for them just as it is for you.

One year ago today I was going into surgery to remove a piece of free floating calcium from under my left knee cap.

Now here I am one year later getting injections in that same knee to, hopefully, alleviate the pain.

This is also the anniversary of Ella’s eye surgery on 2012.


It is mid February with only two and a half months before we relocate back to Iowa for the summer. Which means going back to work for me. I work in the fee booth at our campground as well as pastor our worship services for the campers.

The job at the fee booth adds to our bank account. I tell people that one of the joys of being retired is to work part-time seasonal work for minimum wage.

The idea is that I can work and save some money to see us through the long winter. New Doc 2017-12-05_5.jpgThe last couple of years that hasn’t worked out very well. We spent nearly all that was earned in the summer before we returned to Texas for the winter. If it weren’t for the money earned portraying Santa, we would be in the trouble. It is becoming more difficult living on social security and a very small pension. At 71 years old I’m not sure how many more years I’ll be able to continue working the fee booth. Being Santa however I will do until I die.


Over the Hill Gang’s lunch today.

And the folks who were here.


Sunset to make up for no sunrise.



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