2018 February 19 Monday

2018 February 19 Monday in Liberty Hill Texas


Off to doctor Cheshire this morning for my medicare wellness exam. One of our dearest friends, Florence, (we call her Mom) was also there. She always puts a smile on my face.

I passed my exam. Everything looked good. However, I didn’t understand that they were also going to do fasting lab work. I had eaten breakfast. So I’ll need to go in some morning for a blood draw.

By the time we arrived at the senior center, there were two Rummikub games going. Ella and I played Yahtzee.

We had breakfast for lunch at the center. Biscuit, sausage, scrambled eggs, and tater tots were a great treat.

The next stop was doctor Borick for another injections of rooster comb. This was the third of five scheduled shots.

The doctor asked if I’d noticed any changes in my knee. I said that my leg was hurting more. He said that, if at the end of this series of injections, if hadn’t helped we would have to look at surgery as an option.

It started to sprinkle as we need home. It continued to splatter intermittently for several hours before it rained. The rain was also off and on throughout the evening.

I did get a photo just after sunset.2018-02-19_18.28.32.jpg


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