2018 March 01

2018 March 01 Thursday in Liberty Hill Texas

55° at six p.m. The sun came out today. It’s a nice change from the fog.

Thursdays are the mornings when I test my blood for clotting time and it was great this morning, neither too slow nor too fast. If it is too slow to clot there is a risk of life threatening bleeding as well as bruising more easily. If it clots too fast there is a risk of heart attack and stroke.

At the same time I check the INR (clotting factor) I also check my blood glucose level. This morning it was a little higher than usual. That may have something to do with the ice cream from last night.

My levels probably will not be lowered from the treats offered at today’s Over the Hill Gang*. I fixed a peach cobbler this morning that was our contribution to the dessert table.

Once a month chicken in brought in from Chicken Express and today was the day.

Random Facebook posts intrigue me. There are so many post that make claims to being factual that I nearly always either dismiss them or seek to verify them. Most of the time I’ve used snopes.com. however, recently there have been allegations that Snopes itself fabricates evidence.

The reason I bring this up is that this morning I saw a post about strange laws in Texas. One of the purported laws was that it is illegal to drink a beer standing up in the great state of Texas. Could that be right? Could all those old west movies, showing men standing at the bar drinking a beer, be wrong? Perish the thought that those “historical dramas” John Wayne. Randolph Scott, Clint Eastwood, Gary Cooper, and Jimmy Stewart could be somehow historically inaccurate.

Okay. Taking my tongue out of my cheek for a moment, I decided to determine the fact or fiction of the claim that it is illegal to stand while drinking a beer. Amazingly my internet brought up a lot of collaborating stories. As a matter of fact it became every more finely tuned by starting that you couldn’t drink more than three sips of beer while standing. I was almost persuaded until I ran across the blog by a lawyer, Jeffery Carr, who did his own search for the truth. Spoiler alert: it is a myth.

The day turned out to be very nice even if it was a bit windy.

Granddaughter Emery had a performance at her school tonight. It was an all Texas theme songfest. I goofed up trying to video the performance. However I did get this photo.

And i have this one of the two of us.

We stopped at Schlotzsky’s on the way home. Mostly because Ella had never ever been to one. Personally I had given up on them years ago. And, I have to say that tonight’s visit hadn’t changed my opinion.

*Over the Hill Gang ,”Since its ambitious beginnings in 1998, seniors have flocked to the unpretentious brick building at 3307 RR 1869. While the organization has wrapped itself in a host of civic and social activities since its inception, its central rallying event has become the weekly 11:30 a.m. home cooked luncheons held every Thursday.
By Dana Delgado on LibertyHillLiving.com


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