2018 March 11 Sunday

2018 March 11 Sunday in Liberty Hill Texas

70° to start the day. The sun is gaining on the moon as they do their slow race across the sky this morning. The moon only had a couple hours head start today. It must have slept in last night.

We drove to Buchanan Dam this morning to go to Highland Lakes UMC. When we first came to Texas, this was our home church. Then we moved to Liberty Hill and began attending there. Since we sing in the choir, it’s hard to get away on Sundays. Today, however, the choir did not sing. It was a perfect time to go to Highland Lakes because they have a potluck on the second Sunday every month. Plus, though we did

n’t know this in advance, this Sunday they recognized the “Winter Texans”.

The bell choir rang in the service. And their choir was in fine voice also.

To go there we drove a more or less direct route. More or less because ‘ain’t nothin’ straight when driving through the Texas Hill country. On the way home we took a less direct and more hilly and more curvy route. See map below.

Ella wrote: “We stopped in Kingsland for groceries after services at Highland Lakes UMC.” We also stopped so that Ella could take a photo of the first Blue Bonnets we’d seen this year.

The only thing on the list that we really needed was bread. And we could have gone another day or so. However the H.E.B. was on the way. Plus we needed a “rest stop”.

We did little of note the rest of the day. But I did get an evening skyscape.

When the Lord said “Whosoever” He included me!

  • Isaiah 25:6-9
    On this mountain the LORD of Armies will prepare for all people a feast with the best foods, a banquet with aged wines, with the best foods and the finest wines.  On this mountain he will remove the veil of grief covering all people and the mask covering all nations. He will swallow up death forever. The Almighty LORD will wipe away tears from every face, and he will remove the disgrace of his people from the whole earth. The LORD has spoken.   On that day his people will say, “This is our God; we have waited for him, and now he will save us. This is the LORD; we have waited for him. Let us rejoice and be glad because he will save us.”


His people

All people

Every nation

That sounds pretty INCLUSIVE doesn’t it?

Why do we work so hard at being EXCLUSIVE?

Jesus said to love your neighbor as yourself.

Okay, I can do that … almost.

Then he said love your enemy. Wait a minute. Really?


We are ALL God’s children and it is not His will the any should perish.

His promise is for everyone of His people.


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