2018 March 06 Tuesday

2018 March 06 Tuesday in Liberty Hill Texas

41° to start the day. I got a nice photo of sunrise this morning. You can first see the sun through a break in the trees (bottom left).

We didn’t do much around the RV before leaving for the Leander senior center***. Where we played Rummikub ™ with friends until lunch time. Lunch was a chicken Caesar salad.

Today’s kitchen staff.

Action Propane was our only stop on the way home today. I needed to have one of our 30# cylinders refilled. Our Excel takes two thirty pound cylinders but I have two spares for backup.

When got home I unloaded the LP and added some oil to the truck.

The next order of business was to fix the control panel in the RV. Several days ago I noticed the light in the panel no longer illuminates when the buttons are pushed. I never trusted the fullness indicators for the holding tanks. However the water heater, pump, and battery indicator lights are no longer working on the panel.Only two screwed hold the panel in place. I was surprised by the nest of wiring behind the panel.

I was also surprised that they appeared no way to replace the light without replacing the circuit board.

For the price of the circuit board, I’ll just deal with not knowing at a glance if the water heater or pump is on.

Tomorrow is our Grandies* meeting and we are supposed to bring grapes. Guess what we forgot to purchase?

Oh you are so smart. How did you know it was the grapes?

So we went into Leander and the H.E.B. for grapes

Then a stop for gas and a truck wash.

Plus this great shot of the sunset as we were on the way to prayer meeting.


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