2018 March 04 Sunday

2018 March 04 Sunday in Liberty Hill Texas

61° with a low flying cloud or maybe it was a lifting fog that drifted like smoke just above the juniper trees.

Before leaving for church I put potatoes and meatloaf in the InstaPot. Once it had finished the pressure cycle, I released the stream and left it on the keep warm setting until we returned from worship. At which point I cooked some buttered corn as a side

We just chilled until four o’clock when we headed to Tate’s flag football game. It was the final game of the season and it didn’t go well for his team. In this video he is carrying the ball when one of the other team attempted to push Tate off the field. Tate’s team was penalized for “trucking”, that it’s here didn’t try to avoid the other player.

After the game we all went to Hat Creek Burgers for supper.

And then it was forty minutes home and to bed.

Night y’all!


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