2018 March 08 Thursday

2018 March 08 Thursday in Liberty Hill Texas

42° and mist in the air in the morning. The sunrise in the eastern sky was unseen. However, looking to the south I was able to get a little color in this morning’s skyscape.

Being Thursday means it’s time to test my blood again. I was curious what it would look like because I’ve had broccoli twice this week. Broccoli has a lot of vitamin K which contains clotting factors. Since the object of my medication is to slow down the clotting time, vitamin K (if in excess) can defeat the purpose of the pill. And indeed it was at the far end of the normal range but still acceptable. Yay!

Pancakes with fresh strawberries and whipped cream for breakfast hit the spot this morning. Ella said, “Breakfast got a little fancy today. And it tasted great. A pleasant change from the usual.” I used an idea that I read on Rich “The Wandernan’s” blog. By adding some mayonnaise to the batter, the pancakes rise a little higher and are fluffier.

While I was breakfast, Ella was getting the laundry ready to go to the laundromat.

We took an apple walnut pie to the Over the Hill Gang* today. I did not make it. It came from H.E.B.* but I sliced it and warmed it in the convection oven prior to leaving home.

After lunch we went to the ENTs office to have Ella’s ears checked again – this is a follow up after tube was placed in right ear last week.

I sat behind the audio tech and could see the graph on the computer. It looked much different than last time she was in the booth. Where there had been a larger disparage between right and left, now they look like a matched set.

We had to drive through where they are doing road construction to go in and to exit the ENT’s.

Once we left there it was the the laundromat to clean our duds. I don’t really understand how two people can dirty that many clothes in so short of a time. The only thing that perplexes me more is how we can go through so many dishes when we eat at least one meal a day, most days, away from home.

Now that the clothes were clean, it was time for supper. Ella wanted Taco Bell. I didn’t. So we compromised. We went to Taco Bell and then to McDonald’s. We took our sack lunches to the ballpark where grandson Beket would soon be playing.




As we look backward on our lives, we begin to see the rise and fall of our peacefulness and our pain. Like equal weights upon a balance scale.

I’m glad that God is just. However, I’m grateful and overjoyed that he is merciful.

I tremble at his justice.

But I sing of his mercy.

This is His great power to temper His justice with His love.

Psalms 90:12-16
Teach us to number each of our days so that we may grow in wisdom. Return, LORD! How long…? Change your plans about us, your servants. Satisfy us every morning with your mercy so that we may sing joyfully and rejoice all our days. Make us rejoice for as many days as you have made us suffer, for as many years as we have experienced evil. Let us, your servants, see what you can do. Let our children see your glorious power.

  • *Over the Hill Gang Since its ambitious beginnings in 1998, seniors have flocked to the unpretentious brick building at 3307 RR 1869. While the organization has wrapped itself in a host of civic and social activities since its inception, its central rallying event has become the weekly 11:30 a.m. home cooked luncheons held every Thursday. By Dana Delgado LibertyHillLiving.com

  • *H‑E‑B began with one store in 1905, nestled in Kerrville in the heart of the Texas Hill Country. We’ve always believed in the value of hard work and the importance of taking care of people. And we’ve always dreamed big. We hire great people, offer Customers the best service and sell only the freshest, safest products. Moreover, we always look for great products for today and tomorrow, and make sure to give Customers low prices with the best value.


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