2018 May 10 Thursday

2018 May 10 Thursday in Grimes Iowa

52° with clear skies and ground fog as the day began.

Many years ago youngest daughter Heather gave us a gourd birdhouse. And, yes, that is exactly like it sounds like. It is a large gourd hollowed out through a small hole.

Last year I noticed that there were some small sticks inside the gourd. However I saw no activity. This year there are definitely wrens living in it. This morning I’ve seen a lot of coming and going from a pair of wrens. I assume that means that there are little ones to feed.

As my hearing has deteriorated I no longer great many of the birds see around me. But I can still hear the high trilling sound of these wrens. It makes me smile.

We took a little drive around the campground and just enjoyed the beauty

Now, this was an unexpected visit at the senior center. I don’t know all the details about what was going on so I’ll not comment at this time.

When we went back to the campground to check out the adult center.

This is where we hold our worship services from Memorial Day through Labor Day.

We stopped at Verizon to clear up a billing issue. Just before going to IHOP to have supper with a couple of my nieces.

Another great sunset.

MUSING May 10 2018


James 5:13-16
“If any of you are having trouble, pray. If you are happy, sing psalms. If you are sick, call for the church leaders. Have them pray for you and anoint you with olive oil in the name of the Lord. (Prayers offered in faith will save those who are sick, and the Lord will cure them.) If you have sinned, you will be forgiven. So admit your sins to each other, and pray for each other so that you will be healed. Prayers offered by those who have God’s approval are effective.”

My first heading for this scripture reading was PRAY PRAY PRAY. Because the word ‘pray’ was used three times and ‘prayer’ twice. Clearly the writer of this letter was including the readers to pray.

However, as I re-read an meditated on it I realized that a more proper heading would be DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT. Because these calls to pray were in response to a need.

  • If you are sick

  • If you’ve sinned

  • If you’re happy

I know that if we were happy we were to sing a Psalm. So technically it doesn’t say to pray if you’re happy. But the Psalms are prayers. They are songs of gladness, worry, fear, exaltation, and the whole range of human emotions.

So whatever situation you are in, don’t get stuck there. Prayerfully do something to move you forward.

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