2018 May 17 Thursday

2018 May 17 Thursday in Grimes Iowa

62° and mostly clear this morning. Tried very hard to reach 83° today. Altogether a nice day with just enough breeze to be comfortable.

On the way to the senior center, we stopped at the post office. I received more meds.

As usual we played games and ate. We had a special speaker today. Honestly, I don’t know what he talked about. Because after he started with some lame jokes, I quit listening. I spent the time reading my emails and checking out Facebook.

Ella had a pencil portrait of her mother in a glass covered frame. She had taken it to the Grimes senior center for Mother’s Day. However, after she brought it home she broke the glass and damaged the frame.

This afternoon we went to Hobby Lobby and got it in a new frame with new glass.

Then we went to Nathan and Beth’s so we could see the great grand kids. This is the first time in over seven months that I’ve seen them.

When we returned to Cutty’s, we went to the Fireside Cafe for pizza. I ordered “the heavy” which is topped with every ingredient that they have (except onion to which I’m allergic). I then scraped the toppings from the crust and ate only the toppings. Trying to avoid the carbohydrates but get the protein and veggies.

That’s all for today. Goodnight y’all.

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