2018 May 18 Friday

2018 May 18 Friday in Grimes Iowa

59° calm and clear morning today.

Mr House Finch at our feeder.

While Mrs Finch kept an eye out up above.

We get quite a few birds here in addition to the house finches, there are gold finches, Orioles, Downey woodpeckers, several varieties of sparrows, wrens, white-eyed grackles, and an occasional. Flicker. Then below the feeder you’ll find; robins, brown thrushes, more grackles, cowbirds, Cardinals, blue Jays plus rabbits, squirrels and ground squirrels. As I was writing this, I looked up and a male Cardinal was on the top of the hook above the feeder. Knowing how skittish they are with even the slightest movement I took a quick shot which makes it appear he’s sitting on my travel mug in the foreground.

I worked the morning shift (8-2:30) today. I prefer mornings for several reasons. One, I’m a morning person. By eight o’clock I feel that the day it’s half over. Plus the cash drawer is always right when I get there; which sad to say isn’t always true for the afternoon shift. Mistakes happen and it may take some time to untangle the knot. I’ve made my share.

The traffic at the fee booth is different in the morning also. Less people checking in … more checking out. Mornings are also when most people come to pay the electric bills on their seasonal sites, buy golf cart license plates and/or yearly tags. I think more folks come to check out basketball and tennis equipment while it is cool in the morning also.

In the evening e played cards jackpot at Cutty’s Adult Center. 1 won twice (9 nickels total) which means it only cost Ella and I combined sixty cents to play.

The sun was just about to set when we came out from our games.

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