2018 June 02 Saturday

2018 June 02 Saturday in Grimes Iowa

63° and torrential rain this morning. After dropping ¾” of rain,

it moved on to the west.

This morning I was lazy and lay in bed until nearly 7:00 today. Then I decided to clean and move things around on the kitchen counter. Then I sat and worked on my morning MUSINGS.

The result was, I didn’t have breakfast started by 8:00. When I realized that it was after eight, I woke Ella and asked if we were going to the Cutty’s Cafe for coffee this morning.

About 8:30 arrived for coffee. Sandy and Francis, and Don we already there. I ordered a medium breakfast pizza for Ella and I to share. Sue came wheeling in in her electric scooter. Stoney wasn’t with her.

As we were leaving we meet Stoney on his golf cart as he headed to the cafe. We stopped him and sang Happy Birthday to him.

I left Ella at the RV and took Rudolf the rednosed pickup to Jiffy Lube™ for an oil change. It was past time, but it had to wait for the checking account to refill. Funny how fast money drains out of that account. To little money. To long month.

After the oil change I stopped at Walmart to purchase some pest spray. Ella has seem ants around her side of the bed. I suspect it has to do with the Werthers, Rice Krispy bars, and Chocolate Drops that she carries to bed with her. (Don’t tell I said that.)

I had just got back in the truck at Walmart when Ella called to say she need for the chicken she was fixing. And also some sandwich bags. So back into the store I go. While I was there, I also bought some canned meats.

After taking the food stuffs home, I wrestled the fifth wheel receiver hitch out of the bed of the truck. I have a work order in for the campground maintenance folks to examine and repair.

As it dropped to the ground from the truck, it turned upside down. I could clearly see that it is short one spring on the jaws. That probably explains why it opened up and my fifth wheel trailer fell on the bed of my truck.

I hope I can get that taken care of before I go back to Texas.

Sunset and another hour and a half of work at the fee booth. 3-10 today.

And the day it’s done.

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