2018 June 01 Friday

2018 June 01 Friday in Grimes Iowa

68° at the start of day. 95° by noon. And 86° at 9 p.m.

In the early morning it was nice to sit outside in the cool and quiet of the day to do my Bible reading and reflect on what that means to me.

I like to examine the who, what, when, where, and why of the scripture. I often try to imagine myself in the various roles of the characters.

Today’s reading came from the first six verses of the 140th psalm, which has David crying out to the LORD for relief from his tormentors. In today’s language, he was being bullied. (Follow the link below to read my MUSING)

I remember being bullied by a much older and stronger brother. I also remember my reaction as not being cowed but defiant. It was easy to see myself as David.

I was much less at ease when I imagined myself as his tormentor. I’ve always been larger and many times stronger and I’m certainly self-willed.
Have I truly been a bully? I’ve never seen myself as a bully but have others? I don’t really want that question answered for I fear it may be true.

Our coffee clutch at the Cutty’s Cafe. I captured Sandy, Francis, Sue, Stoney, and Ella. Keith and Jean had been here but I didn’t think to get a photo then.

I worked the overlapping middle shift today from 11-7. Ella went to the senior center for lunch. Came home and rested. Then did some housework. At quarter to seven she came to get me at the fee booth.

We played Cards Jackpot at Cutty’s Adult Center until around 8:15. We both won two jackpots.

I got this photo of the setting sun as we arrived back at our RV.

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