2018 June 07 Thursday

2018 June 07 Thursday in Grimes Iowa

64° this morning with a high of 88°. It was about 75° by 9.

An inch of rain fell yesterday evening in a rather short amount of time

I stopped at Home Depot yesterday looking for supplies to build a coffee table storage area. Couldn’t find what I was looking for.

My next thought was that I might find something at Goodwill that I could disassemble and reassemble into what I’m looking for.

This is what I found for $4.99. I threw in the extra penny to round it to $5. Yep, I’m a big spender.

We took the Rudolf the rednose pickup in for some repair work on the tailgate.

Enterprise had a Jeep Cherokee for us to drive while Rudolf is getting his tail fixed.

Ella is still trying to figure out how to get in and out of it.

Stew Hansen Collision had us checked in and on our way in about half an hour.

We had time to go back to Cutty’s and meet up with friends at the cafe before going into Grimes and the senior center.

Six tables full of old folks for lunch today at the senior center. It must be the pie and ice cream dessert.

Ella had purchased a different suet cake at Bomgaars a couple days ago and the birds have gobbled it up. So we had to go buy some more. We don’t want to disappoint our guests.

Laundry day had come again. Living in a travel trailer has a few shortcomings. One of those is storage. There just are not enough places for everything. For instance, the laundry bag full of dirty clothes is stored in the shower tub. Another thing to be aware of is that you black and gray water tanks need to be emptied periodically. If they are not, the water backs up into the shower tub … which holds the laundry bag.

A laundry bag, as I found out today, that had been standing in several inches of water, it’s much, much heavier. And it drips.

Fortunately I had a plastic tub into which I could place the well soaked laundry. That way it didn’t drop all the way through the trailer or into the back of the loaner vehicle.

Clothes, clean, dry, and folded thanks tho my bride.

There were some interesting clouds this afternoon. However sunset was kind of disappointing.

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