2018 June 14 Thursday

2018 June 14 Thursday in Grimes Iowa

59° with rain and winds. Rain stopped about 7:30 a.m. But then returned around 10 with a vengeance. The whole storm of rain, wind, lightning and a little hail was over again by noon.

Then the temps jumped to a muggy 80° and stayed there until about sunset. With 76° at 9 p.m.

The folks at the cafe were busily getting things ready for tonight’s family meal with meatloaf. I ordered one which Ella and I split (the portions are generous)

The usual crew were at the cafe for coffee this morning.

Ella and I left the cafe about 9:45 and headed into Grimes and the senior center. We didn’t quite make it before the rain hit.

Ella quickly called Sue and told her the rain was headed her direction. She head ridden her wheelchair/scooter to the cafe and it was about a half mile drive at 6 mph back to her RV. She didn’t make it without getting drenched.

Upon leaving the center we stopped at Walmart for a few items. Two of the things on the list I couldn’t find. There were only two checkout lanes open. They REALLY want people to use the self checkout machines. But I waited patiently behind a man with two shopping carts piled high.

We arrived home just in time for Ella to change into her “Cutty’s Staff” t-shirt. She is n going to be doing site checks in the campground while the regular person it’s on vacation.

Site checks includes driving completely through the 80+ acre park and marking on a map which campsites are in use. It also means issuing citations for: failure to be out by 3 p.m. on their out day, not being on site at least six hours a day, improper parking, unattended fires it pets, and any other information of the membership rules.

When she returned home we had a short time before going to the cafe for our meatloaf, augratin potatoes, green beans, and dinner took roll.

After supper we drove into Des Moines to retrieve this coming Sunday’s worship bulletins from the church.

On the way home we stopped at Walgreens to see if we could find the two items not found at Walmart. I found one of them.

In the same shopping are was an Ace hardware where I purchased the remainder item. Ella, in the meantime, went into Dollar Tree and purchased some cheap prizes for our weekly being at the senior center.

The sunset in a cloudless sky.

A heat advisory just popped up on phone for Friday and Saturday. I work those two days and Ella will be out in it also. Pray for us and all those who work outside

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