2018 June 30 Saturday

2018 June 30 Saturday in Grimes Iowa

78° and mostly clear to start off with.

Communal breakfast at the clubhouse today.

I, along with everybody else who works the fee booth, worked today. Plus a lot of volunteers to facilitate guest parking. Our Independence day fireworks are this evening.

We can easily have an extra thousand people in the park (not counting the hundreds of campers [500+ sites]) for all the events going on in the resort today.

To keep our roads clear for emergency vehicles, only people actually registered to camp, can enter the grounds. All others (visitor or member) were parked and shuttled in.

Heat and clouds with occasional rain and wind.

Guests kept coming in. They came to participate in the parade, games, crafts, food and other events. And of course the fireworks.

Unfortunately the fireworks were postponed because of approaching storms.

I went to work from 11am-7pm. I was on my feet way too much for my legs and feet.

Here is the growth of the visitor parking today.

Ella did laundry today. Beyond that I don’t know.

I came home, showered, took some Tylenol PM and was in bed before 8pm.

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