2018 June 29 Friday

2018 June 29 Friday in Grimes Iowa

71° and hazy again this morning the 100% humidity is visible in the air. Reached 94° with a “feels like” of 110°. Not predicted to go below 80° until after midnight.

This morning I was looking at my mother’s journaling from June 30th, 1978. She wrote, “77 – 93° humidity 87%. Turned air conditioner on at 5 a.m. House is cooler and I’m breathing much better but after several hours I began to perspire and have to turn it off. This has been quite a month for storms. Milkweed closes at nite before a rain.”

I find it amusing that she began her journal with the temperature, just like I do, I didn’t realize that before.

Mom had emphysema so the fact that her breathing was better was a good thing. I have no idea why she thought that when she began to perspire she needed to turn the air conditioning off. It was a small window air conditioner in the living room which barely cooled that small room.

Just like 40 years ago this is been some month for storms.

I had no idea that milkweed closes just before a rain.

Thanks Mom for keeping a journal of your life.

I hope at some future date my kids and grandkids and great-grandkids Etc will be able to read my blogs and see what was going on in our daily lives way back here in 2018.

There was a good crowd at the cafe this morning.

Stoney was, as always, late arriving for coffee.

Not quite as many for lunch today at the center.

But still had time for Fast Track and conversation.

Walmart had a few things that we needed.

I bought some clear FlexSeal to seal some holes in my RV’s awning. They aren’t large holes but there are a lot of them. My best guess is birds pecking at seeds from the trees.

About four o’clock Nathan, Charlotte, and William stopped by for a short visit.

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