2018 July 04 Wednesday

2018 July 04 Wednesday in Rhodes* Iowa

76° and clear made for a warm start to a hot day. It reached 93° that felt like 110°. And was still in the, 80s throughout the evening.

We drove to the giant metropolis of Rhodes Iowa,* to celebrate the Fourth with Ella’s first husband’s family. Does that sound complected too you? It isn’t. I’ve been extended family with them for nearly forty years.

1,000 water balloons, squirt guns, buckets of water, a wheelbarrow full of water, and a garden hose all made for a wet afternoon.

You would think that Santa Claus would be safe from being ballooned. Particularly since he was a noncombatant. But you would be wrong. Sweet little Izzy got me full in the chest with two water balloons.

This video doesn’t exist
This video doesn’t exist

We got home in time for a nap before going to the adult center for Mexican Train Dominoes. Unfortunately no one else showed up. No wait! That was a good thing because I really wanted to finish out the day in my recliner.

*Rhodes, Iowa with a population of 305 at the 2010 census.

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