2018 July 05 Thursday

2018 July 05 Thursday in Grimes Iowa

71° to start. Topped out at 87° and still 82° at sundown. We had about a quarter inch of rain early early this morning.

I was outside early this morning working on a tonneau cover for the pickup. I got the first prep party done and came in to wash a small load of dishes. I do this (besides to have clean dishes) to make sure my hands are clean and warm before I draw blood for INR & glucose test.

Once Ella was up and ready, we met up with the usual coffee bunch at the cafe this morning.

We went to Walmart for a few things.

We came home and fixed lunch. Then I went out a worked on the truck some more.

Kara arrived around one and Karla about f an no hour later. We played many games of Fast Track with them.

They invited us to Texas Roadhouse for supper with them.

You would have thought that having spent hours with them, I would have thought to take photos. You would have been wrong.

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