2018 July 10 Tuesday

2018 July 10 Tuesday in Grimes Iowa

75° and hazy morning with 95% humidity. It was still 81° at midnight so not much cooling overnight. I think the air conditioner ran all-night. The predicted heat indices put us in the mid-to-upper 90s all day long.

It reached a high of 92° I don’t know what the Real Fall was when it was 92 but at 89 actual degrees it felt like 98.

We had coffee in the morning with friends. I have no idea how the topic of the day became interracial marriages, but I am glad to say no bigoted comments were made. There closest was when the oldest member of the group used the term colored. It is only an outdated archaic term that in its day wasn’t slanderest.

I guess the fact that we still mention that they are interracial marriages instead of just marriages means that we still have a ways to go to becoming color blind.

I made quick stop at Dollar General

To buy a thin, flexible, metal spatula. I dislike trying to turn eggs with the think and sturdy spatula that came with my cookware. At least one out of four eggs breaks in the process of flipping them.

So, for a buck and a half I now have a “Long Turner”.

The senior center served half empty … Or half full today.

We made a stop at Bomgaars for bird seed. The existing seed got wet even though it is in a tight fitting metal container with a “leak proof lid” (?) It is stored outside under the edge of the trailer. I guess it needs to go further under the trailer.

Then we stopped to too of the truck’s tank. I don’t drink much alcohol but Rudolf the red nose pickup seems to like it. At least at 35% blend.

Then it was home for a nap.

Around 4:30 we took our laundry to the clubhouse basement to wash them.

And play some Fast Track while we waited for the clothes to wash. As it turned out the middle machine malfunctioned. it filled with water and stopped. That meant taking wet clothes out of one machine and transferring to another.

It also means waiting that much longer for the last batch of clothes to dry. The good news was that the attendant returned the money and gave us a single Tide pod to replace the laundry detergent.

Ella said she kept seeing the Tide package out of the corner of her eye and getting hungry for Cheetos. I asked if she wanted to try the Tide pods challenge.

Being an intelligent person, she said no!

The last load of clothes was finally dry and the Fast Track games were done. I think we came out even on wins and losses.

I nearly missed the sunset.


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