2018 July 11 Wednesday

2018 July 11 Wednesday in Grimes Iowa

80° to start with. Gonna be a hot one! And it was with 92° that felt like 115. Does to 85° at 9pm that feels like 94. And the heat advisory for tomorrow predicts it will be even hotter.

No pictures of the coffee group this morning but it was well attended.

We left a little early so that I could get into Des Moines and get the worship bulletins for this coming Sunday.

The weekend following this one will be our Christmas in July and Santa will be there. I need to get the red suit out and make sure that it’s ready.

The menu at the senior center was liver and onions, baby potatoes, and a roll. I declined the roll an potatoes. Then scraped the onions from the liver. I’m trying to limit my carbohydrates intake and I’m allergic to onions. Not a large meal for yours truly today.

We played several games if bingo before leaving the center. Ella won a small dream catcher / windchime.

We wore our special shirts today. Mine says I’m with shorty. Her says, I’m not short, I’m elf size.

We had time to stop at the post office,

We then went to the grocery store for grape juice for sunday’s communion. So I could find was grape punch it grape flavored drink. I didn’t buy any. I’ll try some other store later.

We arrived at Village Inn for pie Rush Wednesday.

We weren’t alone. All but one of the usual gang were there.

Another hot ending to a hot day.

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