2018 July 14 Saturday

2018 July 14 Saturday in Grimes Iowa

74° and it felt like 74° how’s that for starting the day? Reached a high of 89° that felt like 97°.

It looked like the edge of the world was on fire this morning.

There were a lot of high towering clouds today.

After all the heavy rain warnings from yesterday, we did get a dribble of rain overnight. Enough to leave first spots on Rudolf the red nose pickup. It wasn’t even enough to reach the first line on the rain-gauge.

There were some localized heavy rains to the north and west of us. I don’t know if any of it fell into the Des Moines River basin. As I reported yesterday, the large reservoir to our north on the Des Moines River is approaching capacity.

I’m not concerned for our safety. It would take a complete failure of the dam to be a threat to us here in Grimes. However, if Des Moines goes under water, like it did I’m 1993, it would have a large impact on our daily lives.

We had heard that this place has really good brisket. So we came to check it out. We measured it against Cooper’s BBQ in Llano Texas. And it stacked up pretty well. The brisket was a little deeper than Cooper’s. But then again, I slays ask for it dipped in Texas.

Kue’d had three sauces to add. I tried them and found them all too sweet for my taste. However, with brisket that good, it would have been a sin to cover it in sauce anyway. I believe BBQ sauce should be reserved for ribs and chicken.

There was a pirate themed puppet show this evening.

Considering the heat, it was well attended.

Goodnight y’all.

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