2018 July 13 Friday

2018 July 13 Friday in Grimes Iowa

80° and this crazy weather cycle is ready to restart. Incredibly hot and humid days followed by downpours and flooding. Which are once again followed by high heat and humidity.

Saylorville Lake is a man made lake up stream from us. They have been releasing as much water as they can without completely flooding areas downstream.

The current lake levels are only 7 feet below the highest level recorded. That was in 1993 when the spillway over flowed and flooded Des Moines.

Lord, I don’t think we need more rain.

Another sunrise has broken the bonds of night! Arise, the day is your’s. Fill it with love and praise.

I worked at the fee booth from 8 to 3:30. I was expecting it to be busy because we had all of our cabins and park-models rented for the weekend. However, most of them must have come in on the later shift because I only checked in two. We also had those that were due out of their site (14 days is max. on a site) who came to the booth to check out and back into a different site. A great deal of our members will spend most if not all of the summer in the resort. We also had a couple of Coast to Coast members who checked in. Other than Cutty’s members and their guests, the only other people allowed in the park are C2C members.


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