2018 July 16 Monday

2018 July 16 Monday in Grimes Iowa

72° start and reached 86°

We did our normal morning coffee with friends at the Campfire Cafe and

quakehold.jpg lunch at the Grimes Senior Center. We stopped at the post office and picked up my Amazon order. I purchased a set of Camco stabilizing jacks and two packages of Quakehold Museum Putty.  This putty is what we use to adhere all of our knick-knacks in place in the RV.

IMG_20180716_122145.jpgA quick stop at Home Depot to rent a Rug Doctor and then we headed for home. When we purchased our used travel trailer a year ago, it had several stains on the living room carpet. Today was the day I finally got rid of them. I had already cleaned the main section of the floor before moving the recliners out of the slideout. As you can see, I just tipped them out onto the damp carpet while Ella vacuumed where the chairs had been. We found two pair of Bluetooth earbuds and some popcorn under the chairs. The earbuds were kept but the popcorn was thrown away. Grin.



After returning the carpet cleaner to Home Depot, it was time for a nap while the carpet dried.

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