2018 August 01 Wednesday

2018 August 01 Wednesday in Grimes Iowa

57° and hazy. The humidity is at 94% and climbing.

Coffee with friends at Cutty’s Cafe. Them to the Grimes Senior center for games and lunch. We head a new attendee play Fast Track with us today. It became clear very soon that he is in the early stages of dementia. He would turn over a card and we would explain each time which direction he was to move.

I excused myself saying I needed to go to the bathroom. He asked if I could show him the way, which I did. He finished before I did and left. I found out later that he had gotten lost and wandered around the hallways until he found us again.

I was relieved after lunch, a young woman came to retrieve him.

As I get older and seem to forget more things, I worry about whether it is normal aging it something more ipppnsidious.

After lunch we played bingo.

We went to Village Inn with thirteen other folks including our niece Kara.

Once we were home Nathan and William stopped over so that Nate could fasten a piece of quarter round millions at the base of our cabinets.

About six thirty we weren’t to the adult center to play Mexican Train.

There was lightning to the north of us as we came home.

G’nite y’all!

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