2018 August 02 Thursday

2018 August 02 Thursday in Grimes, indianola, & Des Moines Iowa

56° in the morning and 78° at noon.

I checked my INR this morning and my blood is slightly too thick ( clots too easily) and my glucose level was higher than it should be (not dangerously high) the good news is that I’m still loosing weight.

The park looked so nice and peaceful this morning.

Cuttys 5 star camping resort is on 80+ acres with an 11 acre lake. There are a vast array of activities like swimming, monitors golf, tennis, basketball, shuffleboard, and more. Or just sitting around a campfire and relaxing.

There was a smaller group for coffee this morning.

Four more showed up as Ella and I were leaving.

However, Ella had a 9:30 meeting at the senior center. They were planning for a Wii Bowling Tournament to be held in September.

Kara, my niece, meet up with us at the senior center for lunch and played games.

She then came home with us afterward. She went swimming while I napped and Ella played on her phone.

Filed under smart aleck responses:
When someone says, in their best Schwarzenegger voice, “I’ll be Bach.” I say, “I’ll be Haydn!”

When ask how I’m doing, I’ll say, “My wife says I’m better than nothing. You take a compliment as you get it.”

When someone’s says, “What’s up?” I’ll answer, “Away from the center of attraction.”

What are some of your favorite retorts?

Indianola Balloon Classic was happening tonight so we went.

Then we ate at Dumpling Darlings in Des Moines East Village.

G’nite y’all!

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